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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 4, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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thanks for joining us on sunday. >> more of america's election headquarters next. >> fox news alert. what is shaping up to be a photo finish in the race for the white house. welcome to a special edition. i'm kel tell. >> this time we'll be only a few hours. but a wild sprint looking to win over any undecided voters and looking to rally their respected bases. governor romney about to hold a rally in cleveland. ohio is the only at a time that is getting visits from the governor, his running mate paul ryan, president obama and vice president joe biden. the governor also visited ohio on friday night and that event drew huge crowds. estimates ranging from the 20,000 and 30,000 but to give
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you a better idea. how every single vote will be, a new poll shows that the election is in a dead heat. both men getting 48% support among likely voters. one person who will break down all the results on tuesday night joining me now. you know him well. host of power play on fox news. you have an important role because you are part of the decision desk and one of those guys that needs to make a call in the laugh. that is scary position to be in? >> never a doubt, no fear whatsoever. it's totally cool. >> you know what you are doing. i respect the work you do. its true group of professionals. i wanted to talk about the polls. columbus dispatch in ohio has it toss-up, in the president's favor. tribune in pennsylvania does a poll that showing it tied up in
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pennsylvania. tied in pennsylvania! that was supposed to be in the president's column all along. in new hampshire we're told tied 48-48, again these are the latest polls of likely voters. >> we are in a heck of race. most exciting race since 2000. you and i talked about this last week. that is this. we knew that the storm was going to change the way and prevent us from seeing what is going underneath the polling during the storm was misleading or hard to do, harder to do anyway. with the storm passed and the recovery underway and people moving on to the election and thinking we see the contour of the race substantially the way it was a week ago. independents and president but independents helping romney into a slight lead.
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this race is very much alive going counsel to the wire with romney closing strong. >> let's talk about the independents, two polls today, politico and abc news shows the gap has been eliminated. the men are tied up when it comes to independents. politico disclosing, it was a battle state but it discloses independents they polled, the reason it has now become even is because, what? >> we've seen this before, republicans complain. these polls have too many democrats in them. you survey the people they vary in their views. some days they don't feel like a democrat and some days they do. we're seeing the same thing with republicans. independents who said don't call me a republican, now are identifying with the republican party. romney is making a big close.
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he is reaching out to the middle. if you think about the most important in the debate is when he said, i come from a democratic state and i governor. govern. closing out a united message is good way to have moderate independents who did not like the republican party, you know, maybe these are okay. >> what is happening with the early voting. we'll be joined by michael barone and he sounds like dick morris predicting a romney landslide. he talks about the advantage he continues to see. he knows the counties in every state very well. big advantage in early voting for the republicans. now it's not that mitt romney winning the early volunteering vote. he is hanging tight and keeping it even. you tell me that doesn't historically happen. >> democrats win the early vote and lose election day but they
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win elections because they win the early vote. we don't know how many of these votes are republican cannibalizing and how much it changes the outlook. at the gauge of voter enthusiasm this the strongest indication we have that republicans who in the past haven't done this is fired up and ready to go. they are marching and doing this. this has got to hearten the romney campaign. instead of going into election day having to win by a big margin in the votes that are cast on tuesday. now, they just need to win. that is better place to be in. >> one final question. paul krugman comes out with a piece that you are stupid if you report that this is still a horse race or if you believe this is stale contest. he suggests president obama has a huge advantage. anybody that says otherwise is doing a disservice? >> you know, more krugman wants that to be crew.
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i believe it's very hard for people to separate the difference between what they want to be true and what is true. this happens on both sides. republicans say, romney is going to win. you mentioned a couple of people who have projected huge victories for the republicans. the argument on the left is, is obama always had this in bag. i think this kind of thinking hurt the president because they didn't treat romney as a worthy adversary and treat him in a big heart way. it made the president look smaller. >> they find themselves tied, even pennsylvania which is mind-blowing, 20-point advantage obama had not too long ago. thanks. >> both president obama and governor romney are cramming as many campaign stops as humanly possible. the president's agenda just for today, four events in four
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different swing states. his last stop in colorado, not even beginning until about midnight eastern time. the president begin his day campaigning in new hampshire with bill clinton. he says real progress has been made in the past four years. >> in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and worst economic crisis since the great depression. today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. home values are on the rise. we are legs dependent on foreign oil than any time in 20 years. >> supporters heard a familiar tune, don't stop thinking about tomorrow b fleetwood mack. that was theme of bill clinton's campaign. >> governor romney is expected to speak in cleveland, ohio in about 40 minutes from now. we'll bring you those remarks
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when we get them. governor romney is trying to hit as many swing states as possible. iowa, ohio and pennsylvania which begin is so interesting. that has all been written off for the republicans and it's rich with electoral votes and could save mitt romney if he does not win ohio. he is actually going there. he will finish up in virginia about 9:00 p.m. he spoke to a crowd earlier today in des moines, iowa. he talked about promises made in the campaign, specifically the differences between his and president obama's. >> i have not promised you bigger check from the government. we have a promise to take some people to redistribute to you. we instead promised to rebuild the economy and restore the principles that made america the greatest nation in the history
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of the earth. >> we are waiting for governor romney's next event. that is in ohio. will when it begins we'll bring it to you live as both candidates make their closing arguments. >> don't forget, fox news is your america's election headquarters. don't miss our special coverage tonight hosted by yours truly along with bret baier. we'll have a special along with 8:00 p.m. eastern time. less than 48 hours until we get the results. tuesday night we'll have complete analysis and reaction as the election results roll in from across the country including our special coverage, election night, starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> hurricane sandy inflicting still more pain. up to 40,000 people in new york have no heat and they had to leave their homes as temperatures continued to drop
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here. the governor says finding housing for them will be a new focus for the recovery. when it comes to gasoline, big parts of new york and new jersey and even parts of connecticut still running on empty. mayor bloomberg says the shortage could take days to clear up. this is the scene in new hampshire. new york city, victims of sandy outside of manhattan say they are being ignored. they are targeting the mayor. more bloomberg was about to speak to a staten island crowd but security ushered him away when they yelling profanities at the mayor. >> reporter: home after home is now condemned, what looks like garbage littering streets is everything some people own. sandy's wrath is just about everywhere you look in the midland beach section of staten
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island. >> when it gets dark we worry about cold and looters. >> they struggle to keep warm and safe. police have received reports of looters, some residents are even putting up signs in their front yard. >> we have to stand guard by the windows at night waiting for people to come by to make sure nobody steals anything. when you sleep you think someone is trying to rob your house. >> that is when you still have a house. floodwaters were so strong they moved this home to the other side of the street yet homeowner janice clashing feels -- clark feels fortunate. >> the whole neighborhood is homeless. >> now freezing temperatures is bringing a sense of urgency. maria has more. >> that is right. we're talking about freezing temperatures as we head into the next several days.
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one of those cities, atlantic city, take a look at five-day forecast. now you will be seeing temperatures in the 20s on sunday night and also monday night and by wednesday into thursday, we're looking at possibility of a nor'easter tracking up the coast producing strong winds and areas of rain along coastal areas. staten island, new york, 29 degrees could be the low temperature and same with long island, 30 degrees could be a low temperature. again very, chilly temperatures. like i mentioned we have a nor'easter that will be tracking up the coast. worse conditions as we go into thursday morning with very strong winds and heavy rain. what a nightmare. to the country's most influential newspaper issues stinging criticisms in how the administration has handled the terror attack. what happens with there investigation after tuesday night? that gat is next.
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and with two days to go there is a new controversy on the campaign trail. it's over the reasons you should head out and voted on tuesday. and governor romney's remarks live when we come back. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going onow -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on your medicare prescriptions is easy.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >>. >> megyn: much more on the election in a moment but first, new fireworks over the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. two newspapers in lead editorials offering stinging critiques in the handling of the assault that killed four americans including our ambassador. "washington post" saying it looks like a major security faile, arguing that this administration must answer questions sooner or later. "wall street journal" saying that the obama administration has tried to avoid account built and that questions loom over
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this election because the white house failed to resolve those questions. joining me is tucker carlson and julie radinski. both are fox news contributors. tucker, those are not two aligned editorial boards "washington post" and journal in particularly saying that the administration has been evasive, inconsistent, offering conflicting accounts about one of the most serious overseas defeats in recent years. where are we going to can on this on wednesday morning? >> let me point out that the "washington post" endorsed obama just last week. these are his friends ideologically and no honest person can look at what unfold in benghazi and not have questions unanswered and recognize there was dishonesty
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on the part of the administration. if the republicans maintain criminal of house, they will retain subpoena power. they will be able to compel answers to a lot of these questions. you'll see that. second thing, the press has downplayed it and openly taken the side of obama in this election. once if he is re-elected, these questions will remain unanswered. you will see a renewed push to get to the bottom of it. i would be shocked if the results of that investigation makes the administration look good. >> megyn: the question is whether the obama team, the white house, i should say, owed the american people a full response to this before tuesday because the argument is that the american people may want to base their vote on whether the obama administration is taking care of it seriously and adequately prepare for them and heeding warnings for pleas of security as they received in advance of
11:19 am
this terrorist attack? >> you may be shocked to hear i agree to what tucker said. they need to provide those answers. today they should provide us with answers today. i think this was an intelligence failure by the c.i.a. but the president is commander in chief and buck stops with him. the buck stopped with george bush after 9/11. if you are commander in chief you are responsible with what goes on with the military. having said that, i do take exception, they haven't said this but somehow barack obama knew this was going to happen and stood by and allowed it to happen. what may come may come. when you are accuse the president you are accusing him of treason. it would be hard to accuse of any president of specifically and purposely standing by and putting americans in harm's way. there a distinction to be made
11:20 am
there. i do agree with the larger point. if we do have answers we should have them. >> that is not at all what the many response critics are saying. the intelligence failure was the explanation the administration has offered up. but it turns out the early intelligence was right. while the attack was taking place for those six hours, there were cables sent that suggest they knew this was al-qaeda related. it turns out it most certainly was. they got it right. one of remaining questions, why did this white house take this implausible position that this was anger about the videotape. >> even if the c.i.a., the white house knew about the al-qaeda threat and growing pleas and he was on the al-qaeda hit list. there was a power vacuum. i want to ask you, do you think
11:21 am
there is any accident a paper like the post has weighed in on this. just now right before tuesday do you think if it had been a republican president they would have been more interested in the story? >> i don't know. they could have waited until wednesday. they could have waited three or four days and done this on wednesday. look, i can't describe the motivations of the "washington post" editorial board. they have been harder on barack obama than others have been. i will say again if the answers are available today we should have them today. i do want to say to tucker's point the president did call this a terrorist attack. >> megyn: he called it an act of terror. specifically, was this a terrorist attack and he refused to answer that.
11:22 am
>> if you are calling it an act of terror. i don't know. it was an act of terror but look. >> megyn: thanks.
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>>. >> megyn: here we go. cleveland, ohio. you can see ann romney about to introduce her husband, candidate for president of the united states. the polling in ohio is extremely tight. the latest poll, dispatch, columbus dispatch puts obama up by two. within the margin of error. they are saying that president obama leads in the early ohio vote by 15 points but mitt romney is leading by those that
11:26 am
ction day by 11 points. this is an important state. let's listen to governor romney. >> you guys are fabulous. your voices are being heard all over the nation. they are being heard loud and clear. [ cheers and applause ] >> ann and i hear them in our hearts, as well. thank you so much for your support and help. i want to you thank many of you who in this room who have been doing the hard work of the campaign making calls from our victory centers and putting up signs in your yard or perhaps in your neighbor's yard. [ laughter ] >> perhaps convincing a co-worker to vote for paul ryan and me. let's make sure we get everyone to the polls. we have to win this for america! [ cheers and applause ]
11:27 am
>> what makes this rally an all of your work so inspiring is you are here because you are care about america. this campaign is about america and about the future we're going to leave to our children. we thank you and we ask you to stay at it all the way, all the way to victory on tuesday night. [ cheers and applause ] >> perhaps there are a few members of your family or perhaps some friends who haven't made up their mind yet as to who to vote for. i would ask them to put aside all the speeches and ads and attacks and to look at the records. you see talk is cheap, but a record is real and it's earned with real effort. change is not measured in words and speeches. change is measured in achievements.
11:28 am
let's look at that record. [ applause ] >> now, let's see, four years as let's look at the promises the president made. he promised to do so very much but frankly he fell so very short. he promised to be a post partisan president but he has most partisan, he has been divisive, attacking and dividing. by the way, it's not only republicans that he refuse to listen to, he refused to listen to independent voices. he was going to focus on creating jobs. he said he would focus on obamacare which killed jobs. he said she was going to cut the deficit in half but then he doubled it. he said unemployment would be at 5.2%, today on friday we learned it is 7.9%. almost nine million jobs short of what he promised.
11:29 am
you think about this, unemployment today is higher than when barack obama took office. he promised that he pit in place a plan to save medicare and social security from insolvency. he didn't. in fact he took $716 billion out of medicare to pay for his obamacare. he said he would lower premiums on your health insurance plan by $2,500 per family. anybody see that reduction? for the average family it's gone up $3,000 a year. then gasoline, the price of gasoline is now $2,000 per family more than when he was elected. he said he was willing to work across the aisle on the issues that matter most to the american people. do you know he has not met on the economy or on budget or jobs
11:30 am
with either republican leader of the house or senate since july. instead of bridging the divide he has made it wider. now so many of you look at the debates and you don't look at it as a republican or democrat but first as an american. you have watched what has happened in this country over the last four years with an independent voice. you hope president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together to solve big problems but he hasn't. and i will. [ cheers and applause ] let me tell you why he fell so short of what he promised. it's because he cared more about a liberal agenda than he did about repairing economy. did obamacare create new jobs?
11:31 am
>> no. >> did his war on coal, oil and gas create more jobs? >> no. >> did his dodd-frank regulations make it easier for banks to make loans? >> no. >> does raising taxes put people to work? >> no. >> did his avalanche of new regulations help small business? >> no. >> you got it right. almost every measure he took hurt the economy and hurt our fellow americans, 23 million americans are struggling to find a good job. one in six are poor today. the middle-class even those that have a job, the middle-class is being squeezewood lower take home pay and higher cost for insurance and gasoline and for food and clothes. i spoke yesterday with a wife of a 60-year-old man in the prime of his life, of course. [ laughter ]
11:32 am
>> you and i agree, don't we? she said he has been working as a welder at a company for 40 years. he just got laid off. she asked what i could do to help. she made one thing very clear. he doesn't want a government check. he wants a job. the president thinks more government is the answer, it is not. more good jobs is the answer! [ applause ] >> the question of this election comes down to this: do you want four more years of the same or do you want real change? >> president obama promised change but he couldn't deliver it. i not only promise change, i have a record of achieving it. [ cheers and applause ]
11:33 am
>> i actually started and built a business and turned around another one. i helped with the olympics on track when they got off track. with the democratic legislature, i helped turn my state from deficit to surplus and job losses to job growth and from higher taxes to higher take home pay. that is why i'm running for president. i know how to change the course of the nation is on! [ applause ] >> i know how to get us to a balanced budget. i know how to build jobs and rising take home pay. accomplishing real change is not something i just talk about. it's something i have done and i do cheese cheers
11:34 am
>> megyn: we're having audio problems with mitt romney's microphone. we have a pool feed coming back to the networks. we'll give it a second and listen to that message. it's back, magicly. >> paul ryan and i will bring real change from day one. the economy and american jobs will still be stagnant but i won't waste any time complaining about my predecessor. i won't spend any of my efforts trying to pass partisan legislation that unrelated to economic growth. in day one i'm going to help americans get back to work themselves. people across the country are responding to our five part plan to create jobs and rising take
11:35 am
home pay. part one, take full advantage of our energy resources, coal, oil, gas, nuclear. [ applause ] >> on day one, on day one i'll act to increase the number of leases and permits to drill on federal lands and also can see the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada. [ applause ] >> number two, i'm going to move to boost trade particularly with latin america because we can create with anybody in the world. finally, i'm going to designate china has a currency manipulator. they have to play by the rules. [ applause ] >> number three i'm going to send congress a format to make
11:36 am
sure that every worker gets the skills for a good paying job. number four i'm going to move tackle out of control spending. i'm going to send congress several fundamental reforms the down payment on the fiscal sanity act. [ applause ] >> just to get started, we're going to immediately cut, i say cut, not just slow the rate of growth, non-discretionary spending by 5%. i'm not just going to take office january 20th, i'm going to take responsibility for the presidency. [ applause ] >> number five i'm going to act to boost small business and all business. look, i'm going to issue executive orders to the approximate that have been holding our economy back.
11:37 am
first executive order will be to grant state waivers for obamacare to grant it's repeal. >> second will launch a sweeping review of the obama regulations with an eye to eliminating that are killing jobs. for the first time in four years every entrepreneur, every small business person, every job creator will know that the president and government of united states likes them and loves the jobs they can create. [ cheers and applause ] >> paul ryan and i will limit government instead of limiting the dreams of our fellow americans. now on tuesday, the choice of the american people can lead to
11:38 am
one of two very different destinations. if the president were to be re-elected.... >> no. >> it's possible but not likely. if he were to be re-elected, he will still be unable to work with people in congress because he has ignored them. he has attacked them. he has blamed them. then the debt ceiling it's going to come up again and shutdowns will be considered and default will be threatened and it makes it harder to get jobs again. president was right the other day when he said he can't change washington from the inside, only from the outside. let's make sure and give him that chance, okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> when i'm elected i'm going to
11:39 am
work with republicans and democrats in congress. i'm going to meet regularly with their leaders. i'm going to endeavor to find the good men and women that care more about the country than they do politics. [ applause ] >> now, if the president were to be re-elected he will continue his war on coal, oil and natural gas. when i'm elected we're going to change course on energy to build jobs and help with prices at the pump. we're going to achieve north american energy independence in eight years. >> megyn: governor mitt romney rallying the crowds out on the campaign trail. just two days to go. we expect president obama will take a bit of that, as well. you can hear in the last part of his remarks in particular him addressing the issue of bipartisanship. we are hearing more and more about that on the campaign
11:40 am
trail. the governor taking about how president obama bipartisan leader saying he is blamed folks in congress. that he would have to be working for. or working with. it dovetails with another narrative in the eleventh hour that we have heard recently. it all got starts when president obama suggested that voters can get revenge by going to the polling booth on tuesday and voting against governor romney. mitt romney picked up on that and offered a different message. let's listen to president obama. >> at the time the republican congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney, no, don't boo, vote, vote. voting is the best revenge. >> you heard this. president obama asked his
11:41 am
supports to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> megyn: joining me is christopher hahn, and chris plant. you know, president obama is going to be great uniter. there are no red states or blue states, not going to demonize opponents -- against whom are the american people going to get revenge when they go to the polling booth? >> you know he was saying, you don't have to boo mitt romney's lies and mistruths. go out and vote the i have been on campaigns for hundred years. that has been said hundred thousand times by many
11:42 am
candidates. many, many times. on both sides of the aisle. democrats work with republicans because our ideology is not all religion. we are flexible. we can compromise. we can govern. the republicans are not ideologues they are theologues on their belief. you really can't compromise with someone in religion. that is how they take their approach to governing. that is the problem in washington. mitt romney is going to owe cameron crow some royalties because he will say anything to get elected. i think it's time for the american people to understand that. >> megyn: he will say anything? >> he could be up with a boom box overhead. >> i don't have power right now at home. i'm not watching. >> megyn: chris plant, it does
11:43 am
seem something they might say. folks that don't really love president obama have been seeing a greater message in that and extension of a divisiveness he has been accused in in the past? >> i would like to start by saying everything that chris said was false. [ laughter ] >> megyn: and hundred years of doing this you've never heard anything so outrageous. >> hundred thousand times, not even a dozen times. president obama as we heard in his speech doesn't meet with congress. he doesn't meet with republicans. he doesn't meet with democrats. he doesn't bridge divides. even rich cohen expressed his far disappointment with barack obama presidency. this is president that is the most polarizing president in the history of the polls that they take. this is president that has broken the american people down into two camps, enemies to be punished and friends to be rewarded. this guy is a failed president.
11:44 am
he is polarizing president. he divides us along lines of race, class, religion, age, income, corporate jet owners. bankers are evil. demonization of everything. mitt romney takes his family dog on vacation that democrats don't approve of. it's been utterly negative and striking a contrast. you are talking about us as americans in the same boat together and bringing us together and working across the aisle all things that barack obama failed on. >> megyn: you heard mitt romney say in those remarks of president obama he has been divisive and not post partisan. that was something that is really something that obama even he would bring to washington. >> i think he really underestimated how divisive the republican party was going to be and dig in when he took office. we were in major crisis.
11:45 am
he expected people to work together just like president obama is working with chris christie. he expected republicans to work in congress to solve the fiscal crisis. he was met with slapped hand by them. that is not his fault. >> megyn: what about the first two years when he had super majorities in congress. mitt romney says i won't complain complaining about my predecessor? >> he didn't have 60 votes in the senate for more than two months. >> molly: he had 60 votes in the senate and control of the house? >> mcconnell said he will be a one-term president to make sure that barack obama was a one-term president. mitch mcconnell blocked every effort that he tried to get the country back on track. mitch mcconnell takes most of the blame why there is a
11:46 am
partisanship in washington right now. >> completely ridiculous. you take him out of context, he is a fragment of this sentence. the sentence is completely blows out of the water. harry reid, harry reid the democratic leader in the senate said he is not going to cooperate with mitt romney when he becomes president. third, it was barack obama who said elections have consequences you won and you lost. it changes the locks on the hearing room door when they were taking the debate over the healthcare to keep the republicans. don't whine to me about working across the aisle. this has been the most partisan era i have witnessed. >> me, too. >> megyn: it's going to be chris
11:47 am
plant in augment. >> coming up next, michael barone is one of the best vote counter. imagine the surprise over new prediction. he is not in the prediction game. but he decided to make one after the analysis of this race of that governor romney will not only win but he will win big. a lot of the polls are suggesting exactly the opposite. he joins us next. we'll ask him about it. plus, frustrations are growing, tempers are rising. a week after sandy, residents in new york city they are still waiting for the first signs of help. folks are looking for baby formula, for food, there is a dumpster diving going on. we'll hear about the disaster response or perhaps lack thereof. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge.
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>>. i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me to a better future. for the american dream. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> megyn: that was governor rolled wrapping up his speech. at the same time we're getting a bold prediction from one expert that governor romney will win the white house on tuesday by a landslide. michael barone is senior analyst and fox news contributor. good to see you. you say you are going out on the limb but you say basically romney is going to win every
11:52 am
single swing state. ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, colorado, you give them all to romney? >> basically i start off with what we've been learning from national polls throughout the campaign. right now showing basically an even race. they are also showing greater enthusiasm by all indicators among republicans about voting democrats. we've seen that in the early voting statistics. that suggests we're not going to see the democratic party identification of advantage 39-32 in the exit poll. i'm also taking a look at the fact that independents have most not all, but most polls nationally and in states have been favoring mitt romney. i think from that point of view, it's quite clouds i believe to see mitt romney winning many of these close states that seem to be close in the polls or where there are factors that have come into play as the campaign goes on.
11:53 am
it could produce some surprise results. they would have been surprise to any of us a month ago in some states. >> megyn: how do you get to mitt romney wins pennsylvania? i know we started the show by saying there a poll showing them tied there but pretty bold to say winning? >> there is another poll showing him down 3 points. pennsylvania hasn't been fairly close but hasn't been. >> it hasn't gone for republicans since 1988? >> it was three points for obama and mccain in 2008. also, the economic interests are different. in ohio the auto bailout is clearly an issue that hurt mitt romney. in pennsylvania, big economic issues are coal and shale natural gas. on those issues mitt romney has been running an effective ad on coal.
11:54 am
mccain did pretty well in but depressed turnout. i expect it to be higher. also there is a clearly a trend toward romney in affluent suburbs, outside philadelphia are unlikely to give the barack obama the margin like he did four years ago. >> megyn: i have to ask you about ohio. there has been only one poll, rasmussen poll that showed romney leading there and others show him behind? >> i'm not sure how confident i am. when you are making predictions in close states. you can't be confident to be correct. i said in my article i'm fully i may be wrong in some states. that is where enthusiasm can make a difference. we know that rom is not well as running as well with white non-college voters. but there is something we saw on fox news as election returns
11:55 am
were coming in and that is increased turnout in small town, rural voters, evangelical voters that won the state for george w. bush even though john kerry got his margins that he wanted out of the big central cities and out of the university and college towns. i think that is factor that hasn't been studied much by reporters but a lot of people have been active on the ground and the crowd of the fire marshal estimated 30,000 on friday was a good indicator of strong enthusiasm. barack obama drew fewer people in ohio than john mccain drew four years ago. >> megyn: charlie cook says its tough road for romney on electoral map. you have paul krugman he comes out and says the state polling overwhelmingly to obama victory.
11:56 am
anybody who suggests that romney has got a real shot here is stupid. reporters who say that are lazy and doing a disservice? >> i'm not going to get an insult contest with paul krusman because there is no way to win that. as a pollster in 74 and 81. polling there is some indication that there is weaknesses in these state polls. they are getting party identification in states better for the democrats better than 2008 which seems unlikely. polling has been degraded somewhat because polling procedures were built up in a nation where we have universal landline telephones and population that answer the phone. we no longer live in such a nation. pollsters and both parties and non-partisan pollsters are concerned. pew has completed interviews on 9% of the calls a initiated in
11:57 am
2011. we don't know. >> megyn: that is fascinating stuff. are you ready? time to compare plans and see what's new. you don't have to make changes, but it's good to look. maybe you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ medicare open enrollment. now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪
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12:00 pm
>>. >> megyn: fox news alert. back and forth between the presidential candidates. governor romney making a new reference to president obama's controversial comment that his supporters should get out and voted out of, quote, revenge. brand-new hour of america live. less than 48 hours to go before people vote. i'm megyn kelly. at this moment both presidential candidates are in middle of all out dash. governor romney wrapping up a rally in ohio and president obama gets one for ready in florida. governor romney is encouraging crowds to vote this tuesday not out of revenge, but quote, for love of country. just five minutes ago, on stage
12:01 pm
in cleveland the governor contrasting that theme with president's remark when folks were bioing governor romney. >> in this closing argument, in his closing argument president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge? instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [ cheers and applause ] >> megyn: joining me now of the host of special report, bret baier. we'll be co-hosting the coverage. >> we are busy. >> megyn: this has been the eleventh hour the theme trying to contrast, one campaign small, one campaign big. that is how the romney campaign
12:02 pm
wants to see the messaging? >> and obama is making their message about contrast. saying our way is the right way. that way is the wrong way. that revenge comment really the romney campaign jumped on right way. it has been turned around and you hear governor romney on the stump hitting that. it is fitting into that theme they were trying to get to thei, is the big picture, big change. ironically it's the issue of change. are you ready for a change that govern rmdz is trying to sell especially to undecided voters and voters that may be upset about the way the president obama has run the administration over the last four years. >> megyn: and by the bipartisan in washington. we heard a lot more about that issue from governor romney in the last couple of weeks how he was the republican governor of a democratic state and he can work
12:03 pm
across the i'm. it's interesting he painted herself as more right wing corner to get the republican nomination but he has swung back. we saw that in the first debate. >> there is no doubt about it. he is trying to appeal to the center. he making statements about working with democrats, getting big things done. it's going to take someone who can work with others, pointing back to his time as massachusetts governor with a democratic legislature. then pointing to president obama's time and not working with capitol hill and the contention that back around forth during that time. >> megyn: we've been here most of the weekend preparing for the election night. there are a lot of political experts in this building. we have reading from columnists and pollsters. >> do you have your briefing book here. >> megyn: it's like 400 pages. there doesn't seem to be a theme
12:04 pm
emerging. it's romney to lose. it's obama's to lose. notwithstanding some four left or right columnist, people don't seem to know. unlike four years ago. >> it is amazing. that is the drama of tuesday night. it's a race to 270. both sides think they can be over 300. you heard them on the sunday shows and they are really convinced. one side is going to be really wrong wednesday morning. you heard michael. he is sticking to his prediction. this guy knows counties in places i don't even know the people that live there, but he sticking to his. there are people on the democratic side who are just adamant that president obama can energize and get out his machine to really get those voters. >> megyn: what seems to be interesting, democrats have the advantage in the early vote.
12:05 pm
republicans have kept that pretty narrow this time around. they go in to tuesday, better positioned than they normally are. the question is about whether that has sucked up the vote they would normally get or whether that is in the wings and come out and overwhelm? >> there is all of this calculation about the early recall vote. that is why president obama really wanted to get people to the polls early. traditionally, republicans do better on election day. now, enthusiasm is a whole different question. if governor romney's enthusiasm is as high as republicans are painting it to be. that can be a factor all across the country. >> megyn: election night, production, just to work out some of the bugs and graphics. we run through it. every single time we practice, the state of ohio, too close to call. this state is too close to call. >> that is probably how it will
12:06 pm
go. >> megyn: we have it covered. we have all the fox news experts you have come to know and love to analyze the results as they come in. brett, it's a pleasure. we'll be back at 8:00 p.m. join us. we'll bring you all you need to know what happened on the campaign trail today and what you need to know, 36 hours before people actually start going to the polls. this is it. join us at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for the best political coverage anywhere and big night. fox news channel is the only place to be as the results come in. our special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time this tuesday as we learn who will be the next president of the united states. >> i've been out hours for now. i hope we have gas. >> i have no more gas if the
12:07 pm
car. i'm hoping someone can push me. >> as soon as it gets dark, there are two things we worry, about the cold and the looters. >> i'm in the same position. everybody everybody is homeless. >> megyn: look at these folks, regular americans who had homes and lives and busy days a week ago. now, they are out there, you can see in the cold they have no place to go. we're going off the campaign trail as a growing sense of frustration is developing nearly a week after super super storm sandy blew through. on staten island, pictures were heartbreaking. borough just ravaged by the floods with folks leaving everything. now they are blasting the relief efforts calling them virtually non-existent. bob says his whole neighborhood is gone. homes were covered up to their rooftops. he watched in horror as the woman drowned inside her own
12:08 pm
home despite neighbors' best efforts. bob, what a horrific story. just so we fully understand, how did it happen. just the water come in that quickly? >> i was standing in my driveway bottom of my driveway. five minutes later, it topped my driveway. fortunately i have three stories in my house. i got up to the second floor. by that time it was over the car. within a matter of ten minutes, the car was going to be submerged and water started coming in the garage. we heard it. we have a room back downstairs and house across the street is bungalow. and the woman was in there but there was nothing we could do at
12:09 pm
the time. next day my son with new york state police officers were walk through the water. we got across the street to try to get her out. but it was too late. we knew she didn't make it. >> megyn: wow. >> it's very depressing. the whole neighborhood is ravaged. >> megyn: we can see that from the pictures. it looks like something out of a horror movie. what any relief if any, who has shown up to help? >> i did go home yesterday and speaking with neighbors, nobody has heard anything. i've been on the phone with fema a couple of times. i talked to the insurance and they will get to us when they can. we have no gas in our car.
12:10 pm
you have to be patient i guess. but it would be nice, it's very scary. we heard rumors they are going to bulldoze the whole neighborhood who knows what they are going to do. >> megyn: what are your thoughts on the politics of this. president said he has a 15-minute rule he wants everyone to get return phone calls within 15 minutes. the mayor says he is doing everything humanly possible to get relief. i know the burrough president is not happy from staten island? >> to me it's just politics. we get a busy signal and we are on hold. it's unrealistic.
12:11 pm
they are politicians. people's lives are at stake here. >> megyn: where do you go from here. you talk about bulldozing your neighborhood. can you get through to the insurance company? how do you even start rebuilding? >> that is what we want to know. are we allowed to. we heard rumors. waste pile-up, are we allowed to. i haven't even touched my house. i went back to photos that weren't touched. my sister's house, some things that matter to us and got stuff. most of my stuff is still in the back room or clothes and everything in my garage is with sea water. i don't want that stuff anymore. it's contaminated. these people their entire house is ruined. it's the whole neighborhood.
12:12 pm
we need help. we need help. >> megyn: for the most part these aren't folks that have several million dollar homes, these are regular people who don't have a huge amount of dough in the bank and find second furnishings and second clothing. all americans need to reach out and help. we'll do our best. >> thank you very much. i just like to say, they are raising money for the neighborhood. they are doing wonderful things. at least somebody is stepping up. >> megyn: absolutely. thank you. we have done a lot of work with them. something has to be done. you see the pictures and they are shocking. we are getting brand-new conflicting polls about the presidential race. ed rollins spearheaded many
12:13 pm
campaigns including reagan's. we'll get his take what to make all this. who are we supposed to believe and what to expect on tuesday night. i love how clean and healthy my mouth is right now. i wish i could keep it this way. [ male announcer ] now you can. with the crest pro-health clinical line. used together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. the toothpaste actually reduces plaque. and the rinse reaches all areas and is clinically proven to help prevent plaque regrowth. crest pro-health clinical line.
12:14 pm
together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. crest. life opens up when you do.
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12:16 pm
>>. >> megyn: last minute polling in presidential race shows basically the outcome is anybody's guess. with less than 48 hours to go, we are seeing a conflicting polls. showing the race is dead heat in the battleground states a week ago, one poll showed a 20-point lead among independents now they are dead even. one poll shows president obama up by 2 and another poll shows them dead even. one poll shows them even and another poll in in new hampshire. >> in pennsylvania belongs to the president.
12:17 pm
but a new poll from the pittsburgh tribune shows a tie in pennsylvania. my head is about to explode. joining us now to help us understand, ed rollins the head of the reagan election campaign and fox news contributor. that is just a couple am virginia, romney is ahead. romney is ahead by two. now florida is conflicting information. ohio, a dead heat. no, romney is up by two, new hampshire president is ahead by two, no, it's dead even -- i mean, people should we be paying attention to these polls? >> it's the only we have until election day. there is a margin of error and 95 out of hundred times they are accurate. you get one outside. the key thing you follow trends. the trends that you have a close or dead even race. even these men can win on
12:18 pm
tuesday. my gut tells me no education beyond just my gut i think romney will week is this thing out in the end. we'll know real quick on tuesday night. though these southern states, florida, wins north carolina and if he wins virginia which all close early. he is oh the way. if he doesn't win those, then obviously he can't put it together. >> megyn: what do you make of this, pull showing them dead even in michigan. dead even in pennsylvania -- or was it minnesota? dead even that the president was supposed to have. >> if that strengthened going way and romney wins those states he will have a landslide victory. i'm not predicting that. >> megyn: sit possible something is happening in these states where these folks who had previously been telling pollsters are going to vote
12:19 pm
democratic are having a change of heart? >> we used them call the reagan democrats, last ones to drop in. my sense a lot of them are making a judgment and the judgment is, what has this president given us over the last four years and what will be the second. versus a decent guy who has a successful career. i think people making hard judgment in the end, no matter where they are were the polls. >> megyn: the polls show the independents are now even, politico poll show independents are even. it was a romney advantage by ten points earlier, they say it's explained by the fact that the independents are identified as republicans. they don't go by party registration. >> the end of the day there is hundred percent voters. >> megyn: let's say that is the case it's even and even with the independents and favorability is
12:20 pm
even. which is the first time we've seen that. so they like them both the same. historically, how would that play on election day? >> the way that would play more independents have gone republican party which is showing greater and greater strength. at the end of the day, a lot of these polls, they use the 2008 figures. at this point in time, probably more people self-identify as republicans. i think self-identified independents will go for romney and that that may be enough to >> megyn: let's talk about the evangelical vote. they didn't come out in 2008, how about this time? >> they are very enthused. it's an anti-obama vote. it's become a pro romney in addition to anti-obama vote. they are 70% historically have
12:21 pm
voted for the republican voters. catholic voters 25% of electorate, historically win their vote wins the presidency. those two groups are getting very energized. i think as we watch the african-american turnout from the churches today and last sunday you are going to see a lot of these voters turn out. >> megyn: you are hearing messages from pulpits. >> there is a significant group, evangelicals have always done this catholic has never done it that lets you put something on the windshield in the parking lot, you have priests and bishops standing up on the pulpit. you have a real choice and you have to examine your conscience. >> megyn: they are upset about obamacare. >> it's religious freedom issue. its significant issue. >> megyn: it's critical in states like ohio, possibly pennsylvania as well, virginia. we have a lot of evangelical and christians.
12:22 pm
ed rollins, thank you, sir. we'll know soon. we'll take you to new jersey because chris christie is giving a press conference as the state deals with the ongoing devastation. they have resorted to gas rationing to help the new jerseyans to help them get through it. >> let me say a few things. about the power situation. remember we started off with 2.7 million households out of power. we are now under million households without power this morning. we are making substantial progress. for those listening that don't have power and at a neighbors house or friend's house, i know that when i tell you million people out of power from 2.7, it doesn't mean a damn thing to you unless your power is on. i get it. i get it. all right? so we won't stop working until every last resident have the
12:23 pm
power back on. i was with the utility company and on with them at 5:30 this afternoon. we are going to continue to push and shove and use my type of gentle persuasion -- you know how i do that vrb very subtle to bring them along. now, to let you know what you are store for. one of the things i demanded from this storm, we learned from hurricane irene, twice a day they have to provide me with a work sheet. what towns they are in. how many people they are restoring power that day. those are all on the internet. click on the governor's site and there is icon for hurricane sandy. you go on there and pick your power company and how many restored so you know what you are in for. it will help you to plan. down the south jersey, atlantic city, 98% the customers online.
12:24 pm
most of the people that aren't are people can't receive power because their homes are so destroyed. they are moving and crews up to north jersey and central jersey to help them. they have 78% of their customers with power, restored service to all major gas refineries and 80% of the schools. they have 75% of its customers with power and up in northern counties have 61% of its customers with power. i got a special call from them. 61% is not acceptable. we're going to be on them. just so you understand what we mobilize, we are about 3,000 utility workers on staff in the two major north jersey, central jersey utilities. on the ground today there are 11,000 utility workers working.
12:25 pm
8,000 from out of state. they are being housed in two places, in fema has done this for us. 4,000 being held at racetrack and 4,000 being housed in linden. that is where they go to sleep and get fed three meals. that has been made by the department of human services and fema in conjunction. i owe jen a great gratitude. they have a place to sleep and eat but 11,000 people are on the ground here in new jersey to restore your power. now, on fuel. we're working to create order and better access for fuel. first thing i have to tell you, we don't have a fuel shortage. what happened was when power went out to the refineries and power went out to the pipelines, they couldn't move the gas. the gas is there. now all the power is on to the refineries and all the power is
12:26 pm
for the pipelines so we are moving fuel. in addition the president ordered that 22 million gallons of gasoline be moved here both here and new york, split between the two of us and this morning, in burgen county, es ex county there are national guard tankers moving to gas stations that have power but no fuel all across those countries. i'll give you updates later today on specific gas stations so you can go to those gas stations. they have fuel and shorter lines. we are moving that along. >> megyn: line for gas where they started a rationing system, odd numbers get gas one day and even numbers get it on the next day. there is plenty of gas to be had but without power they can't pump it out. they can't get it to people need it. the reason people need it that
12:27 pm
is what they are using to power their generators because, some 40% of people are still without power. same situation here in new york but the numbers are better here. folks don't have power and in order to keep their homes and live as we do in modern day america, they need power. so that is why you see folks willing to wait several hours, two, three hours and go overnight. had to wait three hours to get gasoline so you can have power in your house. this is an ongoing problem in the state of new jersey and new york and connecticut, as well. another headline on new jersey, the governor there he had praise for the president and his quick response in the immediate days of sandy's impact. he has come out and told the news stations today he is going to be voting for mitt romney for president saying i'm a republican, i've endorsed romney and that is who i'm going to
12:28 pm
vote for on tuesday. >> want to give this news. breaking news out of new york city. on the impact of hurricane sandy impact it's going to have on this tuesday's presidential election. mayor of new york michael bloomberg announcing 143,000 voters in this state, in this city will have to be reassigned to different polling sites. staten island, half the stuff has been destroyed. a lot of other places, they are housing people in schools. the schools are full of people who are sleeping on cots. we're also seeing a new push to make sure that people displaced by sandy can still vote. registered voters can cast their ballots electronically by e-mail or fax. they have to be turned in no later than 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. there is not a lot of doubt how the presidential election is
12:29 pm
going to come out in new york and new jersey because these are blue states. making sure they are accurate is important. as you know the election process is sure to come under a microscope on november 6th and possibly november 7th as millions of americans go to the polls. fraud unit has been hard at work investigating cases across the country. now with the elections just two days away, we take a look to make sure the polls are being protected. integrity of the vote is being protected. eric shawn is live in cleveland, ohio with more. >> reporter: there are many efforts across the country to protect the polls on tuesday. from state and local election officials and federal government as well as private groups. we caught up with one of them a woman. braving the cold, she volunteers
12:30 pm
for a group women for liberty. making sure there are no violations of election law. as for the official observers the department of justice monitoring 23 states with 780 observers. perhaps the best known private group is true to vote, houston based organization it wants to ensure an honest election. they are engaged in intimidation and voter suppression but the founder told us they want to protect voter integrity. >> you might see instances where proper identification isn't prevented or asked for. instances where people may be given more than one ballot. those kinds of things, if a poll watcher were to see those things they would approach whoever was running the polling place, the election judge and share what their concerns are. >> reporter: there is also project vote that president
12:31 pm
obama worked for as a lawyer and lawyer committee for civil rights to make sure that no one is unfairly denied the right to vote. >> we want to make sure we don't have election day bullies at polling places that are targeting specific voters and potentially harassing and intimidating them to make it difficult for them to vote. >> reporter: and then there is the new black panther party. remember them from last time? they vowed to be back under a federal decree they can't carry a deadly weapon within hundred feet of a polling place. >> megyn: not to worry because we are told that folks from pakistan making sure that the electoral is nice and fair. i'm sure from the folks from kak kazan can make sure. [ laughter ] >> two well-respected doll
12:32 pm
percent predicted that president obama would run the most negative campaigns in history. we asked them about the rest of their prediction for the next four years. honey, thehave e 55 inch lg... [ mom ] we already have a tv. would you like to know more abo it? yeah, but let me put my wife on speaker. hi! hi. it's led and it has great picture quality. i don't know... it's ultralim... maybe next year. you cod always put it on layaway and pay a little at a time. alright. we'll take it! ah! i love you! hmm! ahem. football.
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12:35 pm
>>. >> megyn: their reduction was dead on. last year doug and pat said we would witnessed one of nastiest campaigns ever. in "wall street journal" wrote back in 2011, wrote, quote, the
12:36 pm
white house has concluded that president cannot run on his record he will wage the most negative campaign in history to stand any chance. then they went on to say, that all of that negativity would then make it virtually impossible for the president to govern if he does win. by going down the election road and into partisan mode he is effectively guarantees that that remainder of his term will be marred by division that eroded and most of all... >> megyn: so, before i get to your dire predictions if president obama won a second term. i want to pick it up, you were right about the negative campaigning, any fair-minded
12:37 pm
viewer, but this campaign has been so negative. the numbers when you look at the advertising, it's something like 80% of the ads by both sides have been negative ads. where does that leave us today? >> it leaves us more divided than when we wrote the article a year ago. it leaves us in a position that if president obama is re-elected with a miles an hour oh lek torl vote and loses the popular vote we could be de legitimizes as a nation. >> megyn: what. >> the common purpose has largely dissipated. no sense we are united states of america. we are two camps. democrats and republicans we have a common challenges and overseas. bottom line i fear and pat i think agrees we are weaker as a result of this campaign.
12:38 pm
>> megyn: i wanted to ask you before you make that point. why doesn't it apply to governor romney, too. he has been as negative in terms? >> he has offered no compelling vision. meanwhile, he took a dive on libya, a great importance of leadership which may end up costing the presidency. politically ambition, we have hope and change to divide and conquer. we have romney who only message, i wanted to get elected at any cost and i'm not obama. let me tell you something. where we are headed after november, if obama is elected, after the campaign, the republicans will keep the house or cooperate is foolhardy. and he faces what happened watergate, iran contra, by running the clock out and all the scandals and everything else -- libya, excuse
12:39 pm
me -- all of that will come back to bite him because that cover-up could undo his presidency in terms of effectiveness. i don't me whether he would be impeached. >> megyn: what if president obama wins on tuesday night and these republicans in the house are not any more likely to work across the aisle. i don't know whether he is any more to work across the aisle. he says he will be. are we looking at lame duck presidency from day one? >> we are looking at two things. a lame duck presidency, divided and polarized, political culture in washington. the other thing is the potential of literally going over the fiscal cliff. i know the smart money in washington is that the politicians will get together. it didn't happen in july 2011. >> megyn: so where we're going to make massive cuts to military and then they try to fix it and they failed.
12:40 pm
why do we think they are going to fix it again? >> there is another pointed to this. they are planning on the wise guys in washington. elections for make choices, since we are offered no choices, their solution, now that you people voted. we're going to get in a back room and cut a deal and figure out with a lame duck congress and lame duck president. you wanted to talk about illegitimate? we are supposed to have elections and come together and what we have now are simply people willing to do anything to hold on to power in both parties. >> megyn: can i ask i both as former pollsters what you make of all the conflicting polling information we are seeing right now and what your guts tell you will likely happen on tuesday? >> i think pat and i may have slightly different views. it's very close. it's within the margin of error. what bret baier and mike said is
12:41 pm
absolutely right. i give the slightest of advantage on to president obama based on the range of polls in swing states. bottom line, what pat believes there has been momentum to governor romney the last few days. >> last 24 hours is what i said. >> it came to me this morning. election i forgotten about we should focus on what happened in 1976, both in the popular, gerald ford was the incumbent and carter came up. gallup showed ford ahead by one point. i'm telling you when sunday and monday, are we going to keep gerald ford rather than on sunday and monday that broke to carter. another day we would have had 330 electoral votes. can you wonder whether or not looking at this thick, whether that may be the same thing?
12:42 pm
we'll have a whole better idea when we see gallup in the morning. >> megyn: interesting. thank you very much. only a few days to to go. a lot of takes is going for the presidential race but there are several races to watch in the congress. in particular the senate. could the republicans regain control of the senate? coming up next we'll take a look at that. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
>>. >> megyn: quick heads up. president is expected to speak in hollywood, florida. we will bring i that. it isn't just a presidential race we are watching. there are a lot of heated races going on in the senate and results could shift the balance of power there. chamber has 47 republicans, 51 democrats and two independents.
12:46 pm
key races could shift the balance of power. joining me to discuss is evan by and former senator from idaho. >> senator let me start with you. do you see republicans regaining control? >> a year ago that was quite possible but because of senator snowe retirement in maine and massachusetts heading toward the democrats in the presidential race and unexpected developments in indiana and missouri. i don't think so. all the fighting and commercials you are looking at 53-47 split, republicans may pick up no more than two, a very narrow democratic majority in the senate. >> megyn: larry what do you make
12:47 pm
of it? >> i agree with senator bayh, it can give you political us on. >> it helps when you have great professors like larry too. >> megyn: do you think the republicans pick up any seats? >> they could pick up a seat or two. i actually agree with the senator. we have this a virtually a status quo election in the senate. if governor romney does as well say your prior guests pat thinks he will do and ends up winning, he can pull in with him some republican candidates that are below 50 light now and not likely to win. if he wins a close victory or loses to president obama then i think the democratic senate is going to remain democratic. >> megyn: in indiana, your
12:48 pm
former state, they made comments about rape, murdock made the comment about f you get rape a gift from god. could he have won this race? how big of a impact do you think those comments are? >> we wouldn't have be having a race. did f dick lugar it was very close before the comments. joe donnelly was ahead by two or three points. mitt romney might have carried our state to pull richard murdock. the bottom has fell out. >> megyn: how about over in missouri, we are watching that. she is up a guy that made controversial comments, todd aiken but the polling for him has gotten better?
12:49 pm
>> he is not doing as badly as some people thought he would. let me put this in context. the republicans could have nominated almost anybody and did he fight clare mccaskell but the one person that is probably going to lose to her. is there a chance she could win? based on the fact that romney is going to pick up 55% of the vote in missouri. maybe romney's coated tail can pull in. she was rescued from the political graveyard by todd aken. >> scott brown and his opponent. >> could the is a great guy and if it was not a presidential guy he might very well win. my take is barack obama is going to carry massachusetts by such a large majority that elizabeth warren will win by a narrow race
12:50 pm
by two or 3 percent? >> i agree with that hundred percent. scott brown. >> megyn: let me shift. the subject. i wanted to ask you, larry, presidential level? >> i think if you examine carefully what is happening, i think president obama has a lead in the electoral college and he has many more pathways to 270 than governor romney. that is still true and nothing has changed. >> senator? >> that is exactly right. governor romney because of electoral college of about 30 electoral voters has to win the majority. key element to look at is voter intensity. republicans and conservatives so intent on voting they make some of the models of the polls is inaccurate and he carries other
12:51 pm
states by a very narrow margin. that is the key thing to look at. >> megyn: thank you so much for your expertise. we appreciate it. coming up, new polls in the state of virginia! when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea,
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>>. >> megyn: virginia is one of those crucial states that could decide this presidential election. both candidates making last minute pushes to get voters to the polls to win 13 crucial electoral votes. mike emanuel is live in virginia right now. >> reporter: virginia is as tight as any of the battleground states and clearly both campaigns would love to win it. real clear politics poll shows mitt romney with three-tenths of
12:55 pm
one-point lead over president obama. so this is very, very close race. last night the president was in virginia in a rally with bill clinton and singer dave math uses. part of his message is that congress is to blame. >> what they are counting on now is you are going to be so worn down by all the squabble, so tired of the dysfunction, so weary of what goes on capitol hill you are going to give up and walk away. put them back in power and let them stay there. in other words, it's on cynicism. virginia, my bet is on you. >> reporter: speaking of congress, mitt romney's running mate paul ryan spent time in virginia. much of his message was about half trillion dollars in defense cuts known as sequestration. a huge issue here in virginia.
12:56 pm
>> mitt romney and i we are not going to let this sequester take place. we are not going to gut our military. we believe peace through strength. that the best way to keep us safe to have the strongest military the world has ever seen. we are not going to cost those jobs here in virginia. >> reporter: mitt romney is going to make his final pitch tomorrow. >> megyn: all right. thank you. looking at my e-mail, this just came in on the subject of military. their vote and virginia is a critical state. apparently bill clinton out on the campaign trail at a rally for president obama in virginia yesterday talked about bringing this country together and crossing all of ace diversity. then he added the military is less racist and less homophobic than it used to be. we'll be right back. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes.
12:57 pm
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